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What are phonetics? It's a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of human speech. They are use to be able to better speak and properly speak different words. This is even more important in radio communications so that everyone understands each other.

Below you will find various phonetics, also known as spelling alphabets, from various times and languages. You can use the random generator to create different codes or to inspire you.

How to use the generator

If this How To doesn't make any sense, do let me know.

  • Choose a phonetic from the drop-down.
  • Click the Randomize button to randomly get something random from the selected phonetic set.
  • Click the Create a set button to begin a set with the current phonetic shown.
  • Click Randomize or select anoter phonetic set from the drop down and click again on Create a set.
    You should get something like: Lima King
  • Click on Reset to restart.


The Generator


If this is not your first visit and updates have been made since the last time you came, you may need to do an hard refresh (CTRL+F5).


  • You may or may not agree with the way words are written or the formatting when creating a set, the awesome thing is that you may write and format the words anyway you like. I'm won't even judge you.
  • If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this generator, I can be found on reddit under the username deathguyQC.
  • For RAF 1943-1956, some letters had more than one possible phonetic which are included in the table below as well as the generator: I for Item or Interrogatory; J for Jig or Johnny; N for Nab or Negat; P for Peter or Prep
  • Some written alternative: Alfa or Alpha; Juliett or Juliet; X-ray or Xray
  • Intepret the Arabic set with caution. Romanization may not be accurate due to language and symbols differences. See the Wikipedia page for more information.

Here's a list of qualifiers that may be of interest to complement your set:

The Lists of all Phonetic Sets


Other options


  • 1.3 Added Qualifiers to the Generator.
  • 1.2 Added Oromo, Afrikaans, Arabic (romanized) and Japanase (Kana) languages and reorganized The Lists section for easier reading.
  • 1.1 Added All phonetic sets option in drop-down menu.
  • 1.0 Initial release.